Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Climate Change is it Real?

By Cathy Reese

There is a lot to be said about climate change today and definitely there are a lot of different beliefs about if it is real or not. Everybody seems to have an opinion. Of course one of the biggest arguments is around whether the change of our climate is Natural or caused by Humans. There certainly can be lots to say about what human beings are doing to our planet and for many of us, we believe we are the biggest reason for affecting the change in our climate.

But, for today, let’s focus on what most of us will likely agree on in regards to climate change.  Here is what I believe to be the top 5 causes of Natural climate change.

>  The Earth’s orbit may have a drastic or a slight change, affecting the amount of 
    sunlight that reaches the Earth's atmosphere. 

>  Erupting volcanoes will release aerosols and carbon dioxide into the air,
   thus causing what is known as greenhouse gases. 

>  Solar activity from our sun can create warmer or cooler temperatures on Earth.

>  The changing of our seasons. As leaves fall in Autumn carbon monoxide is 
 released into our atmosphere. 
 >  The changing of our ocean currents.

These are my top 5 reasons for natural climate change Which one of these events do you feel cause the most change?  Or are they all equal in their own way?

Not much to argue about here when it comes to why climate change occurs, but when we dive into the topic of human activity that is another whole debate.


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