Friday, April 19, 2013

Easy Practices For Cleaner Water  

 When taking an evening walk with my son, we stood on a bridge that covers a stream-like body of water, and stared down at it for awhile. We were watching the ducks diving around in the water, the nutria that was scurrying along the bank, and the crane that was perched on a small island patch. Then, our eyes were drawn to all of the garbage in the water.

We saw a skateboard, multiple disposable drink containers, and a shopping cart, all in the water. Not only is this an eye-sore, but it is contaminating the water that his home to much wild life. And, though there are fish in this stream, I wouldn't want to catch one there, seeing the polluted water they are forced to live in. 

This garbage isn't making it's way into this stream of water on it's own. The carelessness of humans is what's to blame for turning this natural body of water into a dumping ground. Taking measures to keep our waters clean is beneficial to us, the wildlife living there, and our environment--And, it's easy to do.

The National Geographic website shares a quick-read post of Ten Ways To Keep Our Water Clean Globally:

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