Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Change Starts With a Simple Choice

By Laura Matthews

I recently came across an article written by Global Research News about a Man tired of a wasteful situation and decided it was time to make the world a better place one light bulb at a time. Pun intended, you could say a light went off and he was inspired to change the world. Benito Muros, a successful business man had a mission and desire to create the change he wanted to see in the world. On a business trip from Spain to America, he took the opportunity to visit a light bulb that has been lit for 111 years. Sparked by his frustration at the wasteful state of consumerism, he made the choice to come up with a light bulb that would last longer than any other purchasable one on the market. Benito succeeded his mission and created a light bulb that lasts over 84 years! We have the potential in all of us to make choices that leads to a healthier and more prosperous world. What would it take to change your mind in purchasing goods? What changes are you inspired to make in our beautiful community?


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