Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Climate Change Survey Trends (so far)

It's still fairly early-on, but here are some of the trends in the results from our ongoing Climate Change survey (take it if you haven't already: http://goo.gl/fw6oby):

  • 75% of the people recycle at least half the time
  • 50% of the people do not compost at all
  • 25% of the people have definite interest in environmental topics, while 37.5% "sort of" have interest
  • 62.5% of the people don't really consider themselves to be green
  • 50% of the people prefer to view data in chart and graph form
  • 50% of the people have no preference between global, national, or local environmental topics --- or simply don't care
  • 50% of the people are concerned with climate change, while 37.5% of the people are not at all concerned with it
  • 87.5% of the people believe a combination of factors are the primary cause of climate change
  • 37.% of the people are definitely interested in learning about ways they could possibly slow down climate change
  • 40% of the people are definitely interested in a website where they can learn about things they could do on a daily basis to help slow down climate change

Once more results are in we will go ahead and post the full results of the survey. Take the survey to contribute to these results.

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