Thursday, November 19, 2015

Adidas taking a stand against microbeads

Adidas has finally taken the step to stand against microbeads. Starting January 2016, all Adidas body care products will be without this harmful particle. This began with an announcement by Vice President for Strategic Partnerships at Adidas, Jochen Denninger:

“…I was looking at ways to make immediate changes happen. I became impatient and a Greenpeace report about microbeads in body care products caught my attention because adidas products were on that list.” 

The Greenpeace report had highlighted several of Adidas’ shower gels and body washes that contained the particles. Adidas, having partnered up with Parley for the Oceans (an organization with a mission to protect and clean oceans) had worked on eco-friendly strategies such as the development of footwear made from upcycled ocean waste, elimination of plastic bags from stores amongst many things, placed immediate action against the microbead.

While many brands have announced that they will stop selling products containing microbeads, Adidas had partnered up with their licensee Coty, to take immediate action and to develop new and better formulas for their products. 

“By January 1, 2016, adidas and its license partner Coty will end the use of plastic microbeads in adidas body care products.”


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