Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Look to East L.A. for Inspiration

Across the country communities are getting together to combat the healthy food shortage issue. A great example of this is a community garden in east L.A. that was started by Robert Krochmal, a local doctor who was inspired to do something after seeing so many obese children that clearly were not eating healthy nourishing food. Dr. Krochmal got together with his community and transformed a vacant lot into a thriving community garden. The garden is open to anyone and grows standard vegetables as well as, harder to find Latino favorites. The garden has been received well by members of the community who appreciate the social interaction as well as the fresh food. To discover more about this read the article “Seeds of Change in East L.A.” by, Danna Harman which can be found at http://csmonitor.com/2004/0324/p15s01-lifo.html. Hopefully, you too will be inspired to take action against the growing food desert problem that is expanding waistlines and leading to other health problems. As Dr. Krochmal states in the article, an important thing to remember though when embarking on your project is that, “this is not an overnight thing.” However, eventually your efforts will reach fruition and be appreciated.

Written by,
Briana Surin

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