Friday, August 14, 2009

Mayor of Cleveland is Adding More Food Carts to the City’s Streets

The Mayor of Cleveland, Frank Jackson has plans to diversify the type of food that is currently offered on the streets by creating a food cart program. Currently, the majority of food carts sell hot dogs or sausages. Jackson aims to reduce hurdles for potential business owners and is planning on partnering with a local nonprofit to help implement his vision. The city is lending $400,000 dollars to go towards purchasing carts that would then be rented by entrepreneurs. Further, he is giving priority to vendors who would offer diverse menu items and use locally grown food. He is also altering city code to make it easier to operate a food cart in the city. Frank Jackson realizes the many benefits of food carts which bring healthy food and provide a way for people to be self-employed. Hopefully, Cleveland will set a positive example for other parts of the country that would benefit from more abundant and diverse food options.

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