Friday, January 22, 2010

Stop Overfishing

by Mohammed Odeh

An article on, "Overfishing imperils ocean life study says" written on March 03, 2009 by Jane Kay, Chronicle Environment Writer states, "The stars of the ocean - bluefin tuna, salmon, whales and seabirds - suffer from dwindling food supplies as a result of heavy fishing driven by the demands of fish farms and climate change, according to a study released Monday.”

“Seven of the world's 10 largest commercial fisheries include small fish such as herring, anchovy, pollock, mackerel and whiting, which support the vast ocean web of big fish, marine mammals and birds, said the study by Oceana, a worldwide environmental group."

And this is something we all know. We're overfishing. There are ways to control it. We need to push our politicians to support this cause and vote for removals of global fishing subsidies, increase requirements on imported fish, and completely prevent the trade of fish that are in the most danger of overfishing.

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