Thursday, March 1, 2012

Recycle & Earn Rewards At The Same Time!

Can an iPhone app help save the planet? Well, it is certainly going to try! Preserve, one of the leading sustainable consumer goods companies has joined forces with Recyclebank, a company that rewards people for ‘going green’ by offering discounts & deals in exchange for their efforts. The hope is that this partnership with increase participation in the Preserve Gimme 5 Program, a recycling system that provides expanded recycling options for #5 plastics and encourages recyclers to take a proactive approach to helping drive changes in the US’s recycling system.

The new app for iPhones allows you to look up the #5 collection area closest to you. There are over 200 drop off locations around the country. Through the app you also earn Recyclebank points and build your total up to receive rewards--including discounts, free offers and gift cards! You can find out more and download the application by visiting

This is certainly an innovative way to promote recycling, especially considering how popular the iPhone is. Plus creating apps is a heavy trend right now that seems to yield positive results. Also, the enticement of earning rewards is another strategy that will hopefully get people off their couches and making changes that can help the environment.


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