Saturday, March 17, 2012

Recycle Used Oil!

Recycling of aluminum cans, newspaper, water bottles and milk jugs is like common place in everyday society. Even if you don't participate in the efforts yourself, you more than likely aware that it is encouraged and promoted. But did you know that there is also a way to recycle your used motor oil? I didn't! There are centers all over the country that collect the oil and make use of it in several other ways.

The American Petroleum Institute says: "Motor oil has value even after it has been drained from an engine. The oil you take to a collection center to be recycled saves energy. It can be reprocessed and used in furnaces for heat or in power plants to generate electricity for homes, schools, and businesses. It can also be sent to a refinery that specializes in processing used oil and re-refined into lubricating base oils that can be used to formulate engine oils meeting API specifications." (

If you want to find a collection center near you, go to In the first text box type 'used motor oil' and in the second box enter your zip code. You may be surprised by the results that come up--hardware stores and auto body shops are just a couple of the locations available! I was shocked that so many places right near me are taking part in a process that I had no clue about until now. While you are at that site, you can also search for collection centers for other items, as well.

One more thing: if you're someone that takes your car to a service outlet for oil changes instead of doing it yourself, don't be afraid to ask to make sure that they are also into the practice of recycling the used oil. And if they aren't, educate them!

American Petroleum Institute.


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