Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Climate Change and our Future

Climate change and our Future
           By Cathy Reese 


We have talked about the effects of climate change, both man-made and natural. We have discussed ways to help slow or reverse climate change. Now let’s talk about Climate Change and our future.
Let me list what I feel are the top 5 effects of Climate change in our future.

1)     Increased Average Temperatures.
The International panel for climate change predicts an average increase in our global tempature between 1.1 degrees to 6.4 degrees by the year 2100.

2)     50% less rainfall.  This will create water shortages and could affect 5 billion people. 

   3)     Many plants and animals will become extinct.  

4)     Sea Levels will rise. Melting of our ice caps. Increase storm wave heights. 


5)     Risk of Wars as water and habitats diminish. 


      As global warming progresses, more of our natural resources will be depleted, more wildlife will become extinct. There will be melting of the polar ice caps.  Our coral reefs will become bleached. There will be floods and droughts.  Sea levels will rise. There will be more disease, and more economic disasters. We must find a rational balance in order to protect our environment and preserve the developing human technology that we have become so comfortable with.

How do we do this you may be asking yourself?  How can I help? 

Well first you must become informed and educated.  We here at PSU can help.  Start first by visiting our website, read our blog and start doing something every day that will make our world a better place.



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