Saturday, November 9, 2013

Quick Facts: Pakistan Tanneries

Pakistan leather industry is 90% exported items.

Approximate earnings overall: US$ 642 million

There are approximately 600 tanneries in business.  Kasur (180 tanneries), Karachi (170), and Sialkot (135) are the most important (infohouse).

About 130 different chemicals are used in leather processing, depending on the type
of raw material used and finished product (infohouse).


1. Pre-Process
2. Pre-Tanning Process
3. Tanning Processes
4. Wet Finishing Process
5. Dry Machining
6. Finishing
(Chattha & Shaukat)

The wastes from Pakistan tanneries include: 
1. Waste water
2. Air pollution
3. Solid waste


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