Saturday, November 30, 2013

Green (and vegan) Leather Alternatives

A belt made from renewable cork trees.
Green Leather

The historic significance of leather in human societies cannot be overlooked. Since the dawn of humans, we've used leather to clothe us, to protect us either from elements or arrows, to relax and unwind upon, and to embellish our lives with the richness of royalty. Prior to the Industrial Revolution, tanneries existed in almost every American town and served the local public by providing leather made from local animals. Hides were processed in a manner that was less harmful to the environment than now. Currently the human population of our planet is upwards of 7 billion, with a production-animal number of more than 60 billion. We cannot sustain a healthy environment at this rate, and changes must be made where possible. The use of alternate materials for leather is one step, a small one, but it must begin somewhere. 


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