Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hell Bent for Change

How do you feel about leather? Do you know where it really comes from? Do you think it's a byproduct of the food industry? Do you feel pretty good about that leather jacket, leather belt, leather wallet, leather sofa, the leather key fob that holds the keys to your car that has leather upholstery, and leather trim? Does leather complete you? Do you love its luxurious softness, its protective quality? Do you ever wonder about the animal or how they were treated? What kind of conditions they lived, or died in? 

This video will present to you a truth. Perhaps not the only truth, but you should be aware that Bessie the Cow didn't live a happy life frolicking in a field until she was compassionately put down.

WARNING - This video contains graphic images of animals and humans being abused. All was gathered from the internet under the 'fair use' doctrine, and is presented as a tool to educate and inform. Ecopol, Portland State University, nor any of the students involved in building this website make no claim of ownership to any of the images or music appropriated, or intend to seek monetary compensation from the production of this video compilation.

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