Monday, December 16, 2013

Breakout Labs Provides Lab-Grown Leather and Meat Products

In the classic novel 'The Restaurant at the End of the Universe', the characters settle down to an evening of drinks, fine dining, and the end of the universe. Sentient beings from all around the galaxy are in attendance. From sentient mattress creatures to hyper-intelligent shades of blue; you never know who you'll meet at Milliway's. Given the wide and varied forms of life that inhabit this imaginary universe created by Douglas Adams, one can assume that the food choices would be as diverse. It was decided, instead of killing and eating things that would have rather lived out long and happy lives, to design meat that not only wanted you to eat it, but was capable of encouraging you to do so, even so far as recommending which parts of it's body it had been cultivating for maximum flavor. Well, we aren't quite to that point yet, but Breakout Labs has is in the process of 'designing' 3D bioprinted meat and leather products grown from biopsied animal tissue materials. The meats would be animal product that never came off of the animal, that caused no harm to the animal, and produces fewer harmful environmental byproducts.

Tissue-Engineered Leather Could be Mass-Produced by 2017

Breakout Labs Announces Newest Grants at the Intersection of Biology and Advanced Technologies

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