Friday, December 13, 2013

Pamela Anderson Exposes... Indian Tanneries

I admit it, I eat meat. I know that the only way to make that decision and not support the captive cruelty of the meat industry is to hunt my own food and prepare it, but as hypocritical as it makes me feel, I also don't like the idea of being the one who tracks down and shoots Bambi's mom. The thought, and the soft-focus, Disney-colored images that flood my mind soon after are enough to turn my stomach and convince me that maybe, at least for today, just ignoring the implications of whether or not me spending $3 at a grocery store is contributing to horrific animal cruelty. I'd feel worse about it, but I know that this very thought process is far from unique, and is likely a silent mental ritual that I share with so many of you, dear readers.

However, condoning the leather industry through a $3 or $300 purchase is something that, given the horrors of the video that I just saw, I couldn't bring myself to do with even the hardiest attempt to swallow my guilt. Regardless of my issues with some of the organization's tactics, Pamela Anderson Lee and PETA put together a video exposing the horrific details behind how it is that Indian Tanneries go from cow to leather. 

The video is linked below, is definitely NSFW and should only be viewed by those 18 years of age and older with strong stomachs. 

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