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3D Printing and Ecology: Pt 3 - Open Source Ecology Project

3D Printing and Ecology: Pt 3 - Open Source Ecology Project
The sustainability of 3D print manufacturing, demonstrated in the Open Source Ecology Project, founded by Dr. Marcin Jakubowski, is validated in the project and its attempt to create a sustainable economy. The development of the project needed various machines that would aid in the construction and self-sufficiency. The project’s concept was to produce the essential machines via 3D print, in order to have a minimal carbon footprint in constructing and supporting the village. With the aid of “rapid prototyping” Jakubowski is able to produce builds in a third of the time.
            The modular sets used in construction are developed using lifesize LEGO bricks. In 2012, Global Village Construction Set was able to produce machines in one day of production utilizing the Compressed Earth Brick Press. By 2013, OES was able to develop the Microhouse, a livable and viable habitat, using various equipment created by the Global Village Construction Set such as the brick press and soil pulverizer. By 2014, OES is developing a model of manufacturing that will incorporate education and production that reaches a global distributable market.
            In addition to building machines via print, the set includes machines that produce other machines autonomously. It is the goal of Open Source Ecology to be able to have machines that construct others minimizing the needs of conventional mass manufacturing. Furthermore the design of self fabrication introduces low maintenance. With success, the project will be a core for producing, fabricating and constructing paving a road for new civilization.
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