Friday, December 5, 2014

The future of Growing? Hydroponics Evolved.

The Future of Growing? Hydroponics Evolved.

Hydroponics have become synonymous with the idea of illegal growing. This however is starting to change as the use of hydroponics to grow food at home, especially indoors, is becoming ever popular. As home usage grows so does the outlook and the possibilities of using hydroponics to grow food. Large “farms” are popping up that are entirely indoor. These multi story farms are attempting to push the boundaries of what we think possible, and in Japan they are making great strides. In this nation, where space comes at a premium, a 25,000 square feet building is now housing 18 cultivating racks with 17,500 LED lights to provide sunlight. This vertical farm, not running at full stride, is producing 10,000 heads of Lettice a day. The LED’s they use are specially made to emit light wavelengths that are perfect for plant growth

Some say that in essence, the use of hydroponics is useless due to the need to use tons of water and electricity to power air pumps needed to give the plants much needed oxygen. Also because hydroponics are usually used indoors the creation of light is needed, so more power is needed to run the lights. The squeeze is that why use hydroponics if they are possibly as bad/wasteful as or even worse than traditional farming? The team running the vertical farm in Japan has worked to make it better than farming in the traditional sense. They control the light, so they are able to tune day and night to perfect growing and breathing cycles. The lighting they use are 40% more efficient than normal. By having perfect control over the environment they are able to shrink water usage to 1% normally needed in a traditional farm and have reduced wasted produce by 50%. With all this in mind they are able to produce food 2 ½ times faster than normal leading some to think that this type of farming could be used to help food shortages around the world.

If you want more information about how to grow your own hydroponic garden in your home or to learn more about the vertical farm follow the links below.
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