Tuesday, April 19, 2016

"Brown is the new green"

Want to know if someone is sustainably taking care of their lawn?

 We will find out soon enough, and we won't even have to spy on our neighbors to see what they are putting on their lawn. Once the hot and dry weather gets here we will see one of two things change. Our water bill is going to get much higher or our lawn is going to get brown. This is where the phrase "brown is the new green " comes from. For the last couple of summers in the pacific northwest we have had record heat and most of the area was in some sort of drought. Not to mention that NASA declared that 2014 was the hottest year on record for Earth. Until after 2015 when it was even hotter. Who knows what to expect for 2016. As I sit here right now we are setting another record for the warmest it has ever been on this day in April, and it was the same case for yesterday. It has been recorded that the Earth is getting hotter, which in my head, means that water is going to get more sparse and we are going to continue to have to think of more sustainable ways to live. So, why not start by just letting our lawn turn brown for a couple of months. Seems like a pretty easy task to me.

I for one will not be watering my lawn again this summer. Yes, it gets brown and doesn't look to appealing. However, believe it or not, it turns green again! Who would have thought? This VERY interesting and helpful WEBSITE can teach you ways to have a healthy lawn without damaging the environment. Enjoy.

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