Sunday, April 24, 2016

Landscaping without Grass

   Unless you've been living in a bubble the last 30 years, you've probably heard environmentalists speak about the dangers in owning and caring for a lawn. Aside from the dangerous chemicals that are found in grass seed, fertilizers, and pesticides, lawns require mass amounts of water; which in many areas of the country comes at a premium. While America might still be known for it's iconic 1950's white picket fence homes with perfectly manicured lawns, a new generation of no-grass landscaping is starting to emerge.

   Landscaping enthusiasts don't have to hassle anymore with tedious grass and harmful fertilizer. Instead they can choose a variety of gravel, river rock, low maintenance shrubs, and drought resistant succulents and cacti. 

ZEN RETREAT: This stunning Palo Alto, CA Zen garden is
filled with Japanese Maples and shrubs that are drought

SUCCULENT SPLENDOR: This San Diego, CA home is
covered with a variety of succulents which are able to hold
water for long periods of time.

NEW MEXICO PARADISE: This beautiful Albuquerque backyard doesn't
require one drop of water. The variations of rock and drought resistant

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