Monday, July 10, 2017

Bringing down the house: Brazil and Deforestation

Brazil is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful areas in the world; bright colors are abundant and dense, lush forests keep the country environmentally hydrated and aesthetically pleasing.

Unfortunately, the forests in which Brazil are so well known for face many threats. Home to one of the greatest forests, the Amazon Rainforest, the issue of deforestization is serious. Not only because one of Brazil's most majestic staples is being uprooted, but because a great deal of the world relies on the oxygen this forest produces. The Amazon is actually referred to as the "Lungs of the World."

The leading culprits in deforestation in Brazil include timber and farming industries. Consequently, the act of deforestation by these two industries have not only lead to the destruction of forests in Brazil, but have also lead to increased carbon dioxide emissions from machinery. Unfortunately, this problem is not at the forefront of the country's agenda. Brazil's efforts to protect its forests have diminished significantly. in March of 2017, Brazil cut its budget for enforcing rainforest laws by an astounding 51%, which is likely to be responsible for the 29% increase in deforestation last year.

At this rate, if the rate of deforestation continues, not only will Brazil continue to face animosity from other countries regarding their state of action (or lack thereof) but they will continue to contribute to harming one of the greatest sources for oxygen this world has.

To read more about the deforestation crisis, and what can be done to help, visit the Amazon Fund's website at

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