Monday, July 10, 2017

Oh, Canada!

Photo credit of tar sands facility in Fort McMurray, Alberta: Kris Krüg; CC BY 2.0
Canada’s worst kept dirty tar sands secret has really grown over the last decade to transform Earth’s largest-land based carbon sink (the Boreal Forest) into a massive carbon belching manufacturing wasteland. Bitumen extraction processing now scars hundreds of thousands of hectares of landscape with industrial pollutants, that are insufficiently stored in vast tailing ponds.

Countless migratory birds are killed annually upon landing in toxic cesspools, much of which were once their wetland breeding areas. These chemical lakes have also been found to leach carcinogenic bi-product compounds into surrounding freshwater sources, devastating aquatic life, caribou herds, and the indigenous populations who rely on the (now contaminated) food supply. Why then is industrial process continually permitted? Royal Oil.

For more information, visit: and please write to your federal representatives and ask them to tell the Canadian Government that this environmental destruction must stop!

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