Friday, October 8, 2010

"Eco-Gold" Going Green

In these days, you can see gold hits highs near $1356.55 per ounce, recording a high of $1356.79 and a low of $1344.40. It records new highs!! People who own gold become wealth if they sell their gold. It is very valuable if you own gold now, but it is so experience to buy it. Gold is the most popular as an investment, but price for gold is too high to buy. If you think gold is too high to invest, and you really want to buy gold, you can purchase gold made of Eco-Gold. Let me introduce what Eco-Gold.

Now, there is an organization named “Eco-Gold”. Certified Eco-Gold is an alternative to gold produce and associated to large environmental footprint. Eco-Gold’s standard including no mercury/ cyanide, no child labor, no environmental footprint, no conflict, fair trade. If you are wearing a jewelry made by Eco-Gold will support a cleaner planet and sound development in Africa.

Purchasing gold from Eco-Gold is another invest, and you also helping this organization. It is not only “non environmental footprint” but also supports development of rural area of Africa’s pollution free mining. If you are interesting to buy gold made of Eco-Gold, the only way to buy their gold is purchased onsite because the gold from there is produced by African local traditional miners. It is benefit for customers to make sure the gold they buy is supporting communities and is free from environmental footprint. Miners are working hard, but the gold does not bring their wealth life. Eco-Gold is the foundation that helping those miners. 

By Wei Hsueh

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