Thursday, October 21, 2010

How Gold Funds Congo's Deadly War- 60 Minutes Clip

South Africa is the number one supplier of gold for the world market. This clip from 60 Minutes addresses the war in the Democratic Republic of Congo. A war funded by the abundance of mineral resources. Human rights atrocities abound- murder, rape, child labor, kidnapping- a seemingly endless cycle of destruction and despair. How is it that the world's market for gold helps to fund this war? The gold mined from the Congo is smuggled into Uganda. While Uganda has almost no gold production, their exports of gold total nearly 75 million (US dollars) a year. Which leads me to the question: how are we to know where the gold we buy comes from? Currently, there is no tracing of gold- no regulation that requires a source of origin to be listed.

Please let the jewelry industry know that you care where the gold you buy comes from. You can do this by going to and signing the pledge to end destructive gold mining practices. The focus of this campaign is in four areas; they aim to address the environmental, community, worker and economic impacts of gold.

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