Friday, October 22, 2010

Green Mining in China

This article is what I found during my research for our CL/R group. I am interest in this topic because I can get lot of information and knowledge from it. This is not an article, but I can understand clearly from those power point slides. They are clearly explained how China Gold International Resources work on mining.
China Gold International Resources (CGG) is a Canadian mining company focused on gold production and acquisitions in China. They have Chinese and international managed exploration, construction, and operational teams. The most important issues are that they are really focused on “Environmental Rules and Policies”. They have an environment protection during the construction period. Here is a list of process how they do without pollution.
Advanced heap-leach and gold processing technology including 4 steps: 1) Advanced liner Technology and Modern Processing Equipment, 2) No leaking and No Pollution, 3) Minimized Evaporation Loss of Water, 4) Complete Recycle of Water
        During their Gold Mine Project, they are also helping grass seeds, planting trees, camp revegetation, and helping to build a healthy and environmental friendly community. CGG also do donation to local school and clinic. They are not only helping people’ education, medical equipments, tree planting donation, provides cash and food to more than 30 local farmers, but they do create job opportunity for local farmers to work at the mine site.
        China Gold International Resources is a company who passed the environment including water and soil inspection and acceptance review. They do not only pass review, but they also won the only praise of Best company for the soil and water conservation work in the Special Law Enforcement Action on Soil and Water Conservation from government in 2008.
        From the slides, I can understand how good this company is, they are not only earning money, but they do to help our environment. They do care people who live in the land.

By Wei Hsueh  

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