Friday, June 10, 2011

Pelamis Wave Energy

Offshore wave energy has the potential to be one of the most environmentally benign forms of electricity generation.  When considering the risks involved with others forms of energy, including nuclear, wave energy is an exceptional option for preserving the environment.  The Pelamis Wave Energy Converter uses the motion from the ocean's surface waves to create electricity.  When the sections of the machine flex and bend as waves pass, the motion generates electricity.  The wave energy from around the British Isles has been estimated to be equivalent to three times the current UK demand for electricity.  There are many other areas around the world where Wave energy would flourish and provide a significant amount of energy without depleting more of the earth’s natural resources and without the risk of toxins and other harmful substances such as nuclear waste.  Pelamis Wave Power has also expressed an interest in installing Pelamis devices at the wave hub development off the north coast of Cornwall, in England, as well as in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Tillamook, Oregon.  Pelamis Wave Energy is a massive and promising option for obtaining energy without harsh side effects that may paralyze us in the future.

-Kristen Roland

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