Friday, June 3, 2011

Wind Power Diversification

Wind Power is not just the typical wind turbine anymore. Wind Power is diversifying by both design and scale. Wind power is now moving offshore. Currently, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Denmark all obtain more than 25% of its electricity from wind power. China is looking to catch up with the UK and Germany by 2017. The United States and The United Kingdom are looking to move future wind power projects offshore. 
Wind power is also looking to move to residential areas. A county in Kansas just made the permit process for installing a residential wind turbine much easier for its residents. Ground turbines will not be allowed to exceed 80 feet and roof-mounted turbines cannot be more than 20 feet above the highest point of the roof. So far there is only one resident in the county that has installed a residential wind turbine. The county is waiting to see if the new permit process will attract more. 

-Melissa Carter

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