Thursday, May 31, 2012

How dead zones affect our economy

The more we have of something the lower the price. The less we have of something the more the price. This is the basics of economics and the effects on our society. Think of what would happen if In the U.S. we no longer any shrimp on the market. This would cause a huge increase in the price because there harder to find. Well this is happening know and in our time with our watch on this blue marble we live in.  Brown shrimp are dying off in groves and generations of brown shrimp can no longer reproduce. Why? The answer is Dead Zones. 
As you can see in the chart below that over time dead zones effect murrain life and as a result affect us humans. We need to be more aware of our environments and how our contributions affect the climate. The shrimp population is diminishing do to the gulfs of Mexico dead zones. Juvenile brown shrimp are having a difficult time traversing the dead zone from their offshore spawning grounds.  This in turn creates a mass population decrees. The chart below expresses the catch ratio of the fishermen within the regain.  Lower shrimp catch result in higher pay per pound of shrimp affecting the bottom dollar we spend to eat the delectable catch. 

 If we help reduce the creation of dead zones it doesn’t just help the environment but it helps our ability to have and obtain seafood at a more reasonable price without having to deal with inflation due to limitations of quantity.