Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A New Market for Better Cleaners

Our topic as a class for this term focuses on the use and impact of chemical cleaners. One of the most important, but often overlooked, components of this topic deals with the economics of chemical cleaners.

The makers of petro-chemical based cleaners have fundamentally dominated the market for cleaning products since the industry’s inception. This has been particularly true in the manufacturing sector, where workers have had to cope with using harsh chemical cleaners to “rid their hands of grease, grime and oil.” The continued use of abrasive cleaners has had a clear effect on the health of workers and the environment, negatively impacting both.

Recently, however, a new family of natural, eco-friendly cleaners has been produced by a company called Wrenchers Body Products LLC – “the first company to introduce a botanical, natural skin cleanser for [industrial] applications.” These cleaners use organic extracts from ingredients such as soybeans and walnuts to provide a heavy-duty cleaner without compromising the health of individuals and the environment. So far, the company has experienced great success in the retail sector, with buyers and potential investors eagerly embracing the product. Clearly, the chemical cleaner market has signaled its approval for these innovative specialty cleaners!

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