Monday, July 9, 2012

A Cleaner Choice

     People want a healthy and happy home, but what is the cost to us and the environment? We clean our homes to prevent disease and infection, and buy all kinds of chemical based cleaners to clean our homes. Are we as consumers aware of the risks that we take when we clean our homes? Is the convenience of a scrub-free cleaner worth our health and safety? The chemicals in everyday house cleaners can be of greater risk than it is reward.

     As the end users of these household cleaners, we need to educate ourselves about the products we use.  One of the most important things to know is that there are three categories that hazardous ingredients in household cleaners fall into. First, there are carcinogens which are known to cause cancer and or promote cancer growth; secondly, are endocrine disrupters which imitate human hormones and create issues with fertility and the immune system; and thirdly, are neurotoxins that directly targets brain activity. Ingredients in household cleaners account for the most common calls to the Poison Control Centers nationwide.

     It’s time to look into alternatives, create a cleaner and healthier environment starting with our homes. Alternatives are available we just need look for environmentally friendly products that are non-toxic and not poisonous.  As end users we need to be conscious of the products we use, and look beyond the results toxic household cleaners provide, because a clean home should be without consequence but peace of mind.

    For more information about the dangers of household cleaners and eco-friendlier cleaners check out this link:



  1. As a mom, I try and look for a cleaner that is environmentally safe and safe for my family. I hope more corporations notice the want for these products and continue to research and make them.

  2. I think it's important to look at alternative cleaners not only for the health of our homes but also for our environment. All those chemicals that we use in our homes get transferred to our water systems which then flow to our food systems. Exposure to these elements threaten more than just our health today but they remain within those systems for years threatening future generations.

  3. We should look for safe products to clean houses without chemicals is important for our health and for environment

  4. There are cooking/baking items that can be used for cleaning; such as lemons, baking soda, white vinegar, olive oil, etc. Good for our health, environment, and less costly also.

  5. Knowing about what is in products and how they affect the envirionment and most importantly our health is the first step. I like finding ways of using natural products like lemons to create a cleaner that is safe and health to use in my home.

  6. Some people have allergic reactions to cleaners that they don't know about until they use them and is dangerous for children. I use vinager and water to clean the windows, dorks great! vK