Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Join the Fight Against Toxic Cleaners

If you could only change one thing to improve the health of your family, the environment, and yourself, what would it be? When it comes to picking chemical cleaners, the choice is clear – kick out the synthetic ones!
The vast majority of chemical cleaners sold on the market today are essentially petroleum-based products (hydrocarbons) that can easily become toxic if used improperly. Chlorinated hydrocarbons, for example, are so durable that they do not biodegrade, lasting forever in the environment. Yes, forever!1
As a matter of fact, concern about the safety of these compounds in the scientific community has been so great, that chlorinated hydrocarbons (and similar substances) were designated “Persistent Organic Pollutants” or POPs by the United Nations.2 These substances have been connected to severe hormonal, developmental, reproductive, neurological and immune disorders as well as cancer.3
To fight the continuing threat from synthetic cleaners, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) was tasked with determining the safety of many synthetic ingredients commonly found in chemical cleaners today. However, citizens need to join in the responsibility of informing consumers about this issue. We all can do our part by choosing natural, healthy cleaning products and avoiding toxic, synthetic ones. Another step people can take is by contacting your representatives, asking for the strengthening of the Toxic Substance Control Act, and for the sufficient funding of the EPA.

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