Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Put the Eco-Movement on your Back, Literally! – Eco Clothing

By: Morgan Bennette-Eaton

When I pick my clothing out I normally think of one of two things: form or function.  I tend to care quite a bit about my clothing choices so I always want it to be stylish but on the other hand if I’m buying a winter coat I want to make sure that it’s going to be warm.  Never really has environmental impact crossed my mind until now, after doing some research I found that the clothing industry has a significant effect on the environment:

·      Cotton, the most popular fiber in the United States takes vast amounts of water and current farming techniques sap soil of nutrients.
·      The manufacturer of synthetic fabrics like polyester takes a large amount of crude oil and releases many pollutants into the air and water.
·      Only 15 percent of discarded clothing is collected for donation and recycling, the majority of the rest ends up in landfills.

Eco-fashion is not only making their products out of sustainable materials, but also aim to stop things like the points mentioned above.  Here are some significant benefits of eco-fashion.


Eco fashion wants to get away from the un-eco friendly image of the current clothing industry.  They use organic materials such as silk, hemp, tinsel, wool, bamboo and soya.  They don’t use crops that have been sprayed with harmful herbicides that can hurt the environment and chemicals that are used in bleaching.  Also most eco-clothing is designed to be very durable and wont fall apart after a few washes. Not only does eco-clothing aim to use organic ingredients to help the environment, but they see people buying less clothes as an opportunity to help the environment as well.

Eco fashion is also finding its way to high fashion, check out this article regarding eco fashion being featured in vogue:


Eco fashion is actually known to be very affordable.  Clothing really depends on the practices of the company rather than the raw materials used so eco-clothing price is very competitive.  Also the fact that you don’t need to buy eco-clothing as frequent will save you money in the long run?

It is Socially Responsible

Eco-clothing is what it is for the fact that it is environmentally responsible.  When you buy eco-clothing you know that you are doing the world a service by participating in a movement that uses sustainable materials and practices sustainable practices.  Eco-clothing is like a badge of honor that you wear on your sleeve; everyone will know you support the movement towards a healthier planet and as cheesy as it sounds, every great movement has to start somewhere.

Here are some E-fashion online boutiques, Happy Shopping!


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