Thursday, November 15, 2012

Recycled Gift Ideas Are Great!

By Mathew Grubb

Recycled gifts are such a great Eco-friendly DIY idea with the holidays around the corner! All across the internet there are many ideas and tutorials how to create homemade recycled presents for friends or loved ones. Recycled gifts save money for those on tight budgets as well as put our recycled materials to good use! The recession spawned a national turn towards gift alternatives which are easy on the pocket. You can turn this into a family art project activity for all ages. Popular items often used are bottles, cans, bottle caps, fabric, construction paper, cardboard, and much more. Here are some great recycled gift ideas from YouTube.

 #1 Here is a great news article on creating clothing from unwanted or unused clothing and fabric! This is a fun and artistic way of showing your creative side.

#2 This is an amazing video on different ways to wrap up gifts. You can use different materials not just limited to paper. Adding photos or designs on your packaging makes for a personal feel good shell.

#3 Not only are recycled presents great, but also recycled holiday decorations. Here is a quick video tutorial how to use paper to create little trees. All you need is green construction paper, scissors, a pencil, and a spool of thread.

#4 This video has some jolly Christmas music with slideshows of different DIY gift ideas. They range from frames decorations, mirrors, cufflinks, bullet art, frames, fabrics, utensils and much more.

I hope some of these videos spark some interest. There are many fun ideas out there, if you are worried about presents because you are lacking funds this season, recycled gifts might just be right for you!

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