Saturday, October 29, 2016

Upcycle Your Papers

In college and life, we accumulate a lot of paper. I am constantly shifting threw it to remove outdated materials. Instead of recycling it, I would love to share some ways to upcycle it!

Here is a great video to not only upcycle your home work but to give back to the Earth. These are called seed bombs. You grind up papers then mix seeds into the mash. These can be given out to family and friends or used as party favors. I just adore this idea. Its so simple.

I love bead making with paper. Here is a twist on the classic favorite. Each cut give a unique bead.
~ How to make different kinds of paper beads I know a few little girls that I…:

Basket weaving is an old craft that is fun to do. This method used old papers rolled into rods then crossed over one another to make a basket. I find that this project can be done while watching tv or being with friends.

If you would like to take it a step further you can paint it your favorite color. I found several other ways to make baskets with paper. I have included a link here 

I like this idea. The image shows how you can free-style your rolled papers. I think this would work best with magazines. 
Image result for upcycling magazine

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