Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Upcycling-Repurposing Wine Bottles.

The age old saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” embodies the entire spirit behind the concept of upcycling. So then what exactly IS upcyling? Upcycling is often referred to as the re-purposing of old or discarded materials by creating something new or of value.  This concept can be applied in a variety of ways, but once facet of upcycling is through the re-using of trash, old, or discarded items and transforming them into house hold items, or the transformation of trash into treasure via home decor. 

There are endless creative ideas that help to facilitate the increase of recycling through the appropriation of old materials into the creation of something new. Upcycling provides a creative outlet for the earth conscious-both helping the environment and being able to channel your creativity in a resourceful and efficient way. From the do it yourself at home crafting novice to the home decor guru- regardless of your level of skill- anyone can participate in upcycled home projects. 

From left over wallpaper scraps bound for the landfills to baby food jars, from old crates to broken furniture- all of these things can be taken and used for other purposes around your home. Just wine bottles alone provide an endless source of re-purposed design ideas. 

After a weekend dinner party, holiday party, or any occasion for wine- don’t throw away the wine bottles left over, instead you can save them and use them around the house for various decor or functions.  Step 1: Drink Wine Step 2.) Wash Bottles and remove labels  Step 3.) Use Bottle Cutter Kit to cut, heat, and cool 

You can leave the bottle in tact or cut the top or bottom of the bottle to create a variety of household decorations or uses. 
For the environment friendly crafter, here are a few eco-friendly household projects one can do with wine bottles alone:

1.) Beautiful Vases

By simply washing out the bottle and removing the label, you can turn a wine bottle into a vase. Or you can step it up a notch by mounting the bottles using metal or wooden brackets or removing the top of the bottle using a bottle cutter tool kit.  Check out more ideas at:  Design Sponge. DIY Project:Lindsay's Wine Bottle Vases

2.) Kitchen Storage

After washing and adding desired label, your old wine bottles can be used as a decorative form of storage in the kitchen. You can simply add a label and use to store dried beans, rice, or pasta. Even add a simple stainless steel bottle pourer and an oil and vinegar label- to create a clever oil and vinegar holder.  Try chalk board painted labels to personalize the labels for your wine bottles. For simple instructions, check out Chalkboard Painted Wine Bottle

3.) Holiday Gifts & Decorations

Decorate the bottle with a seasonal touch and have an instant charming and classy seasonal decoration or gift to give away during the holidays. Add a decorative label as appropriate for the occasion and garnish bottle with a bow to give it an extra touch. Fill bottle with candy such as green and red M&Ms for the Christmas season or Candy Corn for Halloween.  Candy Filled Wine Bottles-Crafts on Pinterest

4.) Tea Light Candle Holders

After cleaning and removing the labels, you can simply remove the bottom half of your wine bottle and place a candle in the neck. Or you can remove the top half of the bottle and place a candle into the base of the bottle or even us the base of the bottle as a candle itself. For more ideas like this check out: Unique Wine Bottle Candle Related Items-Etsy

5.) Lantern Wine Bottle

Create a beautiful handcrafted hanging wine bottle lantern using spiral wire holding a glass candle votive and adding a metal chain & metal ring to hang. 1.) cut length of chain and attach to ring, attach metal wire to votive holder and ring, feed through the neck of the bottle and and attach hook to hang. Hang inside or out for a romantic and charming touch to your home. For more info check out Repurposed Wine Bottles

These are just a few ideas for upcycling do it yourself wine bottle projects.  However wine bottles can be used for a wide variety of home projects- both decorative and practical. From bird feeders to planters, shelves to wind chimes the upcycling opportunities for old wine bottles alone are endless. With a little creativity and imagination- the opportunities are endless. You can re-purpose wine bottles into a variety of do it yourself home decoration projects- both saving money and helping the environment. 

With upcycling  you are not only helping to preserve the environment by reducing landfill waste, but also being economical at the same time-by saving money, practicing creativity, and decorating your home on a budget. 

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