Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Upcycling- The Art of Avoiding Plastic Waste

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Most of us are tremendously aware that plastic is a notorious pestilence on the natural environment, yet such a prolific component to daily life.  Many know that there are literally islands of plastic building up in oceans off of India, and that if we don't course correct, the amount of plastics in our oceans could increase by one degree of magnitude.

Yet many of feel helpless.  How can we as individuals stop such a megalith of an industry that is constantly generating thousands of tons of plastics on a regular basis?  Like any countermovement, it begins with small steps.

The average American disposes of 185 pounds of plastic per year. If this figure strikes you, it should also encourage us that we as individuals can make a change in our own life.

Within this site are several methods and creative ideas of turning plastics that would normally end up in the ocean, into creative and utilitarian tools at home.

Help be a part of the change.

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