Sunday, February 12, 2017

How Do We Get Oil?

Petroleum oil does not just appear in an instant. Oil companies have to pump oil out of the ground by making wells and drilling rigs. Once the wells are emptied, they have to be relocated into a new spot. For drilling rigs, most are set below the seafloor meaning many problems can occur. One of which include oil spills. Oil spills are damaging to the environment including the marine life. An interesting fact is that most oil that spills in the ecosystem is actually leaked from cars, airplanes and boats.

When companies retrieve the oil, the oil must be refined to be used as gasoline, diesel fuel and etc. Oil taken straight from the ground contains many hydrocarbons all mixed together and for it to be used in our everyday life we must separate them into their different types. During the process of oil refining, it creates air pollution releasing many toxins in the environment that are dangerous for our health and the ecosystem. The process of oil refining also adds to the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and to global warming. All of which is bad for the environment causing mountain glaciers to melt and the rising temperatures. We need to stop using foreign oil and slowly move away from oil itself but that is not an easy solution since almost everything we use contains oil. How can we prepare for a world without oil?

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