Saturday, February 11, 2017

Is Oil Hiding In Your Food?

When we think of oil, we think of something that powers our cars and homes, not an ingredient in our food. However, oil is tucked in and hidden in many of the things we consume.

But WHY?
The use of petroleum, or commonly referred to by the food industry as mineral oil, is to keep foods fresh and mold free.

So why is petroleum in foods a cause for concern?
Some health scientists insist that petroleum is extremely dangerous for consumption, finding links to cancer and ADHD in children.

So what should you pay attention to in order to avoid consumption??

  • Certain packaged baked goods
  • Some chocolates (will be labeled as food-grade paraffin wax)
  • The ingredient Olestra
  • TBHQ or tert-butylhydroquinone (can be found in foods ranging from frozen chicken nuggets and pizzas to rice crackers and cookies
  • Foods containing food-coloring
  • Many painkillers and vitamins
  • Food additives

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