Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Light For All

Energy poverty is one of the most important, but least discussed issues in the world. Most people are not even aware that this is happening. This lack of access to electricity in rural areas makes it impossible for people in some parts of the world to keep their homes warm, cook food, or have light to read by. Many children do homework by flashlight. In Brazil energy poverty was so bad that the government decided to step in. In 2003 the Light For All program was created. This program aimed to bring electricity to two million households that did not have access to a reliable source of energy at the time. They involved citizens in the effort by helping them to set up solar and biogas power systems in their homes. By 2011 2.8 million families and counting were out of the darkness in Brazil.

Check out this article (scroll down to section 48) to get a glimpse into the lives people going through the switch to electricity! 

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