Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Water Crisis in India Causes Protest

In New Delhi, India's water crisis has come to a head in the form of peaceful protest. Close to 100 women from the state of Uttar Pradesh demonstrated at a government office in Tiruchirappalli by piling up the pots and jugs they normally use to collect water for their families. 

Depending on season, households in Uttar Pradesh spend an average of 52 to 206 times more than the standard municipal charge of Indian rupees 2.25 (4 cents) per 1,000 liters for water. In dry periods, 95 percent of households do not have the 50 liters per person per day recommended by the World Health Organization for all uses. Women in Uttar Pradesh have adopted a new rhetoric around water storage,“jal saheli" is the term used to describe a "friend of water," and has become synonymous with those trained in water conservation in India.

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