Friday, July 12, 2013

Solar Power Fighting Energy Poverty

In Buenos Aires, Argentina, a solar power project is now providing electricity to the cities poorest homes. Before the solar power project, families were buying individual propone tanks to cook their food and heat their water. Can you imagine, when you walk out to your barbeque and turn your propane on, if you only had that to not only cook your meals but also heat your water??? This method is expensive and can be up to six times more costly than using the cities gas lines. This project has placed 42 solar water heaters on the rooftops of homes, providing a low-cost solution and raising awareness to renewable energy.

The quality life improvement this project alone is creating is inspiring. For families who have been heating water on the stove and then bringing that into the bathroom to now turning on the faucet and having solar-powered hot water on demand is life changing for these families. This is such a significant change and improvement in quality of life to these families.

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