Friday, July 26, 2013

Luci is Different

Luci is a solar powered flashlight/task light that was funded by the popular crowd funding website, indiegogo. Luci improves the lives of people living in the developing world by providing a dependable solution for people without electricity. It was designed to be free of the electric grid and is collapsible. Luci was created by Micro Power Design, who was inspired by this quote:
“Energy is the thread that connects economic growth, increased social equity and sustainability. But, widespread energy poverty still condemns billions to darkness, ill health and missed opportunities for education and prosperity.” – UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon

Luci is meant to help in these ways and more:
  • Workforce: Increases productivity and promotes job-creation
  • Education: Lengthens study time and improves conditions
  • Health & Safety: Reduces incidents of pulmonary diseases, kerosene burns and risk of gender based violence
  • Social: Increases community relations and reduces community violence
  • Environmental: Decreases CO2 emissions which damage the environment
  • Economy: Saves money ordinarily spent on kerosene which in turn stimulates the economy

Furthermore, it is incredibly sustainable and low cost! For just  $14.95 (and only an additional $5 for each thereafter) one may purchase and donate to someone in need.

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