Monday, January 20, 2014

Negative Impacts on Biodiversity

Many human actions have negative effects on biodiversity. Actions such as logging, polluting, as well as fishing and hunting in excess can have drastically negative impacts on biodiversity. But how do these actions directly effect biodiversity? Polluting can not only cause physical harm directly but can alter the climate. Hunting and fishing can create holes in an ecosystem through over-exploitation creating yet another imbalance. Logging destroys habitat forcing animals to find new areas to live. The displaced animals can create an imbalance in their new habitat, even becoming an invasive species.

An excellent example of how human interference can have a negative impact on biodiversity is the cane toad. Introduced to Australia, the cane toad found itself with no natural predators. Its natural toxin wreaks havoc on all would-be predators. The death of animals that try to feed on the toads is perhaps the most significant impact on biodiversity as it creates an environment with less predators and an increase in prey. Overtime the impact made by cane toads will change Australia’s natural biodiversity.

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