Friday, January 31, 2014

The Importance Of Biodiversity

Our planet contains various types of species that live together under similar conditions. The biodiversity of these species is represented by their different sizes, habitats, and ways of living. Several species on our planet are in danger and risk becoming extinct. Several scientists estimate that one fourth of all of the world plants and animal species may be extinct in 50 years. The extinction of plant and animal species at that high rate will not only affect their presence, but will negatively influence other species, and that is due to the reliance of every species on one another. Protecting all types of species is an important task that each person should take into consideration. It is of utmost importance to try to decrease the danger posed by extinction of species so that our planet will be able to maintain a rich biodiversity in which each species balances another. You can find some of the ways to help save biodiversity in this link below.
Written by: Badoor Alibrahim

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