Thursday, January 30, 2014

Urban Biodiversity

One of our biggest problems today is finding balance between the ever-growing human population and our consumption of resources.  Although there are plenty of things we can do to heal the environment, the main focus should be on slowing the damage we are currently causing.  Urban parks provide one way for us to create a balance in our busy lives, while combating the loss of biodiversity.

Biodiversity is one of the three basic principles of sustainability, the other two being solar energy and chemical cycling.  Enhancement of biodiversity in urban areas helps to promote both the quality of life and education of the surrounding people, thus promoting sensitivity and awareness of other environmental concerns.

Although many people agree on the psychological and ecological benefits of urban parks, there is no definitive way to manage such areas.  With the proper management, urban parks can be part of an interconnected green system, helping cities with flood control, storm water management costs, combating child obesity, improving both education and recreation, and improving areas with a lower socioeconomic status.

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