Sunday, July 13, 2014

All Dried Up

This California town is facing a harsh reality: they are out of water. Conditions have recently become so bad, that citizens have to pay to have water trucked in. This is assuming there is a place for them to store it. Towns drying up are more common than one might think, and the scary truth is that is will become more and more frequent as temperatures rise. With global warming comes rainfall pattern changes, increases in temperatures, increased storm events, and sewer system overloads. To add to the issue, population growth means higher water needs and demands. This leads to higher costs from the water companies and restrictions. Water bans will become frequent and regular occurrences. How much will you enjoy your lawn and garden when you are not allowed to water it? How will you break the news to your kids that they cannot play in the sprinkler on the hot summer days? Perhaps you like to keep your new car nice and clean and prefer to wash it by hand once a week? Not going to happen with water bans and restrictions. Slowly but surely, our resources are running dry.

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