Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Governor of California Declares a State of Emergency as Drought Continues

As the state of California continues to dry up, Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency, as the region suffers through the "most persistent droughts on record" (EPA). California residents have watched Folsom Lake dry up right before there eyes:

How Bad Is California's Drought? This Bad

Farmers are now scrambling to save their crops, if they haven't lost them already. A drought like this can mean a food shortage and a major hit on the economy, as farmers, markets, and stores will lose business without the crops. This will also cause a rise in the cost of foods that are available, making already tough economic times even tougher.

You might be wondering what the farmers can do in such a difficult time? Farmers in other regions have been developing solutions, or at least aides, for their crops. Closed loop sprinkler systems are one way that farmers can use technology to control soil moisture, reducing unnecessary water waste. High tech sensors do the watering for the farmer, ensuring the plants only get as much as they need, not as much as the farmer might think they need. A super savvy option is a recirculating farm, also known as aquaponics. This combines fish farming with agriculture to reduce waste, runoff, and a eliminates a need for fertilizer.

This handy chart from, shows how the process works:

In the midst of despair and uncertainty, we must turn to innovation to help increase sustainability.
For more information on the topic and ways you can help, click here  or here.

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