Friday, July 25, 2014

California Water Subsidies

Interactive Water District Map

Water is so essential for everyday life, that it is becoming more expensive and scarce. However according to the Environmental Working Group, central farms in California will receive up to $416 million dollars’ worth of water through a subsidy. This news is the first time individual recipients will receive contracts through taxpayers. However the down side of this contract is only for large farms instead of family owned farms. This reason behind this is because large farms are the biggest users of water, using up to one fifth of California’s water. Since large farms were the biggest users of water, the cost of water was about 2% less than drinking water.  “Water districts' records of individual recipients of subsidies are shielded from the public by state law but the EWG investigated this because the public has the right to know where their water is going and to make future decisions about California’s water.

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