Saturday, July 19, 2014

More Water Use

You would think a water subsidy would save water but in fact it is having the opposite effect. So what does it mean when we are using more water? Well first there are the threats towards aquifers, streams, and our drinking water. This is happening all over the United States becausse as long as there are farms, there would be irrigation of land.

When the Environmental Quality Incentives Program first created the bill in 1996, they thought it would save water through sprinklers and pipelines. However studies have shown this irrigation equipment is increasing the depletion of water. Other studies have shown that farmers are using irrigation to grow more groups instead of reducing the amount of water. It seems like farmers are not using the subsidy payments to increase irrigation.

Representative Earl Blumenauer of Oregon and Tom Udall of New Mexico propose towards legislation “that water saved by taxpayer-financed irrigation systems would stay in underground water tables or streams and not be used by farmers to expand their growing operations.”

So why should we care about all this wasting water? Well water is an important part for our crops and lands and if we want to see mother earth grow into its potential, then we better start acting now.

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