Sunday, November 23, 2014

Are We One of the Reasons Biodiversity is Failing?

Could our actions be the reason biodiversity is depleting? The fact is, what we buy for clothes, food, and medicine plays a role in the well being of biodiversity. More than that, how much of these products we buy has an even more vital role in welfare of biodiversity.

Over exploitation is defined as the over use of wildlife and plant species by people for food, clothing, pets, medicine, and several other purposes. (National Wildlife Federation.) Over exploitation is also known for over harvesting.

There are many different animal species that are threatened because of this. For example, people have hunted mammals for a very long time, for many reasons. Mammals can be killed for their fur, food resources, and for sport; animals such as tigers, bears, rhinoceroses, and primates. The body parts of primates are highly valued for medicine purposes in several parts of the world. Animals are also used for animal trade, and being put inside of a zoo.

Plants are also a vital part of many ecosystems on Earth. Humans are currently taking too many plants from the wild. There are some plants that are so highly desired for collection, like Orchids that they have become endangered, and are now legally protected from poachers by international laws. Even certain tree species that are majorly used for their wood, such as mahogany are now endangered.

Luckily, there are many conservation organizations that help with various problems within the over exploitation of biodiversity, that one may be able to get involved in. Also, just being a conscious consumer of the products you buy, like fur coats, certain medicines. Here is the list of organizations, and the list of resources for this article.

List of organizations to help with Biodiversity:


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